All Things Re-Considered

I listened to NPR for years. I even donated. Recently, however, the programming has become so profoundly ideological that I can no longer tune in. I’ve heard from many people who’ve also noticed a very particular set of conclusions being forwarded with no analysis, criticism, or even pushback from NPR journalists. 

When we stopped listening, many of us felt as if we’d lost an old friend.

This inspired me to launch “All Things Re-Considered.” Episodes can be found on YouTube. You can also listen to the show as a podcast on 
Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Stitcher, and many other platforms.

The aim is to take a closer look at the ideological capture of NPR. Matt Thornton and I will analyze NPR segments, have behind-the-scenes commentary from people who’ve worked at NPR, hear stories from listeners as to why they stopped listening and donating to NPR, and explain what you can do to push back and restore journalistic integrity.
Thank you,
Peter Boghossian

In addition to our show, you can also submit video testimonials from when you stopped listening to NPR and purchase merchandise at 

I Stopped Listening to NPR When…

I’m looking for short videos from former listeners explaining why they stopped listening to NPR. You can record the video on your phone or laptop. Nothing fancy, and maximum length is three minutes—just look into the camera and be honest and sincere. Was it a particular story? Did you stop listening because of the way an event was covered? What did you think? How did you feel?

Follow the link below and share why you stopped listening to NPR. Start your video with “I stopped listening to NPR when…” (Note: you must log in with a Gmail account for your response to be recorded.) Your video may be shared on the show! You can also use the form to recommend specific NPR stories we should analyze on the show.

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